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"A Family Group Conference empowers families to make their own decisions for their children.

Statistically families are more likely to stick to a plan made by themselves than a plan that has been made for them".

A family group conference (FGC) is a structured decision-making meeting made

up of family members.


‘Family’ is determined broadly, to include the children, parents, extended family and even significant friends and neighbours to the family who may not actually be blood-related.


The goal of the meeting is to provide families with a safe space and time to reach a plan to facilitate the safe care and protection of a child or children in need.

The professionals are only involved at the beginning of the meeting and at the end when the family present their plan for negotiation with the

referring Organisation.

Our aim is to ensure all our trained Facilitators are fully prepared and equipped to provide exceptional standards of practice as Family Group Conferencing Facilitators.

Our training not only focuses on the traditional FGC model, but also incorporates strategies to address the challenges of working with families engaged int he FGC process.

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Fully Accredited Family Group Conferencing Facilitator Training

Realistic training which focuses on what Facilitators will actually experience on-the-job

Thorough understanding of  the FGC Model and its benefits and challenges when undertaking FGC duties 

Strong Aboriginal practice perspective

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